3D Mystery #9

by HeBo

Dirty Dingy Daryl could hardly wait to get to the Camp Mary White Campground.  Heading down the country roads away from all the familiar surrounding of Hendyville made Daryl feel very excited.   He thought this camping trip would be the best.

“Are we almost there?” Daryl asked for what seemed like the hundredth time.

“Not yet, Daryl.  We still have quite a ways to go,” his mother replied.

“Just sit back and I’ll tell you a story,” Mr. Dalton offered.

DDD loved stories, especially while in the car on a long road trip.

“This is a camp story.  One your Grandpa Dizzy told me when I was just a kid.  It’s about Boogly T. Boogly.  Have I told it to you before?” Daryl’s dad asked.

“Boogly T. Boogly?  Nah Dad, not yet.”  Daryl said as he nestled down into his seat with Ollie Dog lying across his lap.  Even little Baby Bridget seemed excited as Daryl gave her a high five.

“Once upon a time,” Donald Dalton began, “way back in the mountains there was an old coal mining town near Mayhill.  The miners who lived there were hard working family men.  They worked long hours going down into those dark narrow shafts that led deep into the earth.  The miners looked after their fellow workers and watched over each other’s backs.  And that’s what made it extra difficult when there was a cave-in one day.  All the miners were able to get out except for one.  His name was Boogly T. Boogly and no one knew where he came from or where he lived.  He didn’t have a family and didn’t live in town.  He had long black greasy hair, a pointy crooked nose, curled yellow fingernails, beady blue eyes and a face that was always dirty from coal dust.  It is said that he had a pet King snake that he kept in his sack that he carried on his back.

Boogly T. Boogly was to be the last one out of the collapsed coal mine that day long ago when–BOOM—a pile of rocks fell before the rescuers were able to get him free.  Everyone quickly went into action to clear the entrance again.  They succeeded rather quickly, but when they went to free Boogly, he was nowhere in sight...”  Mr. Dalton stopped.

“Is that all, Dad?”

“Well, not exactly, but I don’t want to scare you.”

“Oh, tell me Dad.  I won’t be scared,” Daryl begged.

“Well, it seems that the other miners thought that Boogly T. Boogly stayed alive in that mine.  Some say he is still around today even though all those miners in that story are all long gone.  Many campers claim that Boogy T. Boogly haunts the hills to this very day near Mayhill near the Camp Mary White Campground.

“Hey, that where we’re going!  Do you think it’s true?  Do you think we’ll get to see him?” Daryl questioned.

“Don’t be silly, Daryl.  That is only a story Grandpa told Daddy to get his imagination going,” Daryl’s mom explained.  “Boogly T. Boogly is not real.”

“Oh darn, Mr. Boogly sounds cool,” Daryl exclaimed.

Just then the Dalton family truck pulled into the entrance of the CMW Campground.

Soon they arrived at their log cabin camp site and Daryl was happy to find his cousin, Lil Pearl, his Aunt Pearl and Uncle Walter too.

Daryl enjoyed an afternoon hiking with his family and then eating dinner that was cooked over a campfire late that evening.  And now it was time to roast marsh mellows.

“Hey, let’s tell ghost stories,” Lil Pearl suggested.

“Yeah,” Daryl said, “I’ll go first.  It’s a story about Boogly T. Boogly.  It goes like this…”

Dirty Dingy Daryl weaved the whole tale exactly as his dad had told, until he got near the ending.  Then Daryl continued.  “Boogly T. Boogly never got out of the mine that day, but he did that night.  And he still comes out some nights at Camp Mary White.  He likes to scare the campers by putting snakes in their sleeping bags and throwing sparks into their campfire.”

And with that, a big POP shot out of a burning log and a spark landed at Daryl’s feet.

“Ew, it’s Booby T. Boogly at your service, Daryl,” Uncle Walter laughed.

“Ha ha, I made that part up,” Daryl said, “that spark was just by chance.”

“Chance or no chance, I’m checking my sleeping bag for snakes before I crawl in,” Lil Pearl replied.  Aunt Pearl and Mrs. Dalton agreed.

That night it was a bit chilly in the cabin, but everyone slept soundly knowing that ghost stories are only stories and nothing to be afraid of.  Everyone slept soundly, that is, except for Dirty Dingy Daryl.  He kept on hearing creepy noises outside the door.  Daryl didn’t move a muscle all night long and neither did Ollie Dog because they were scared–      I mean...they heard noises.  They weren’t scared at all!

As soon as the sunrise came, Daryl was the first one out of bed.  He tippy toed quietly across the wooden floor with Ollie close behind.  Slowly they slipped outside.  Daryl looked all around but could not see anything strange.

“Aw, it was nothing, Ollie.  Besides, I wasn’t scared any ole way…”

“BOO!” shouted out Lil Pearl who had snuck up behind Daryl nearly causing him to jump out of his skin.

Daryl quickly found a spot to sit down near the warm burning fire. 

“Wait a minute,” Daryl paused.  “How come that fire is still burning?  It was out when we went to bed.  I’ve been up all night and nobody came out of that cabin to light that fire.”

I think that’s a lump of coal burning.” Lil Pearl said in disbelief. 

“Boogly? Boogly T. Boogly?” the two children said at the same time.  Ollie Dog barked.  And with that they ran into the cabin to get their parents.

By the time Dirty Dingy Daryl and Lil Pearl had managed to get everyone else up and outside, the fire had completely burnt out.  Try as they may, the two cousins could not get the grown ups to believe that there had been a piece of burning coal in the fire pit.

But at least there was one thing they all agreed to…nobody had had a snake in their sleeping bag that night.  And that is a good thing.


© HeBo