The Bicentennial event held last weekend in Hendyville gave the townspeople plenty of reason to feel good. The highlight of the celebration came to an exciting end with the opening of the long awaited 100 year old time capsule.

Everyone gathered around St. Margaret’s Church as Fr. Melvin Reilly removed the cornerstone and Mayor Harry Byrd opened the 100-year old capsule. The items were revealed one by one–pictures, books, a copy of the newspaper, pottery, drawings, coins and a large sealed envelope that was saved for last. Written on the envelope were the words: “From Fannie Walker Henry 1855”. Mayor Byrd graciously asked her heir, Ruth Henry, if she would like to open the envelope. 

A hush fell over the crowd as Ruth Henry took the stage. She silently read the contents to herself, cleared her throat, and then announced that it contained one page from the old secret diary written by her great grandmother, Fannie Walker Henry. It was torn out of Fannie’s diary and placed in the time capsule in 1911 by Fannie’s daughter and Ruth’s great aunt, Anne Elizabeth Henry.  Ms. Henry read the page out loud.

This “missing page” told how our founders, Henry Hendy and Maynard Henry originally named the town ‘Henryville’. A welcome sign was made and hung. Mr. Hendy soon left to explore the North Pole while Mr. Henry stayed behind with his wife, Margaret, to raise their family.


by Whitey T. White

Hendy was never seen nor heard from again. Maynard Henry’s last dying wish was to rename the town ‘Hendyville’ to honor his friend and the great explorer.

A hush fell over the crowd. All eyes were on Ruth Henry who had insisted earlier this year that the town be renamed ‘Henryville’ when she discovered the old sign hidden away in the barn located on the Henry estate.

Ms. Henry pulled out Granny Fannie’s diary, took the page from the envelope, flipped through the book and lined up the torn page with a matching tear in the old diary.  This reporter witnessed that it matched up perfectly.

Henry hesitated for a moment and then announced: “I guess our town should remain ‘Hendyville’ after all, and that is that.” Cheers rang out among the crowd as Ruth Hendy beamed a curious smile.

“Thanks to everyone for coming as we start making new history,” proclaimed Mayor Harry Byrd. “God bless Hendyville and God bless America.” The Mayor then bid goodnight.

With such a successful Bicentennial, plans are now underway for helping future Hendyvillers to celebrate 300 years. At the end of this year a new time capsule will be put back in the church’s cornerstone.  New items for the time capsule are welcome.  Contact Marita Kelly at the Historical Society for more information.


by Carole N. Jay

Hendy, Inc. has begun excavation at the new football stadium. However, the giant construction and demolition firm halted digging for a week or two as they await the arrival of the new scoreboard that has been delayed. In the meantime, president and owner, Dustin Butler, invited all the children in town to come and play at the huge “mud castle” that their bulldozer and back-hoe operators constructed. Coach Jeffrey “Jumbo” Short gave permission to give the children in town a week to play at the giant mud castle.  “After that,” Jumbo said, “the team takes the field.”


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