Not Dogs (A Recipe)

What you need:

Hot Dogs

Thin Pretzel Sticks

Soft Bread

Shredded Cheese




1.   Cook hot dogs and cut into “body” pieces (head and body).

  1. 2. Break thinest pretzel sticks into pieces ( 4 legs, 1 neck, 1 tail, 2 ears, 1 tongue)

  2. 3. Assemble Not Dog by sticking pretzels into body for legs (shorter legs work best).

  3. 4. Break smaller pieces of pretzel for neck and insert into “head”.

  4. 5. Tear small pieces of soft bread and squish flat and wrap around small pretzel pieces as

      ears, tail and tongue.

  1. 6. Insert ears and tongue onto “head”, and tail into “body”.

  2. 7. Attach head onto “body”.

  3. 8. Use another pretzel as paint brush and paint tongue with ketchup and dot mustard for eyes.

  4. 9. Place Not Dog on a plate with remaining bread and shredded cheese.

“Foot” Ball (Art & Physical Activity)

What you need:

Felt or other fabric, 12” x 12”

Fluffy Stuffing (cotton, poly fill)

Scissors and Pins


Wad of paper

Pattern (click here for pattern)


  1. 1. Print out pattern and cut out pieces.

  2. 2. Pin pieces to fabric.  You need 4 pieces

     of fabric for the body and 2 pieces of

     fabric for the foot.

  1. 3. Carefully cut out the 6 pieces of fabric and remove pins and paper pattern.

  2. 4. Sew the foot together (pieces 5 and 6) at sides and bottom.  Turn right side out.

  3. 5. Stuff foot, using pencil or other object to fill in entire foot with stuffing.  Sew closed.

  4. 6. Line up the points on the body (pieces 1, 2, 3, 4).  Pin.

  5. 7. Sew fabric pieces 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 4.

  6. 8. Line of the points on the fabric pieces 1 and 4.  Pin and sew from end to points. Do not sew  

     the center sections together yet.  Do not turn inside out.

9.  Insert the sewn and stuffed foot inside the body and sew to one of the sides.

  1. 10.Turn ball inside out and let foot hand outside of body.  Stuff until completely filled.

  2. 11.Sew opening closed tight. 

  3. 12.Draw a face.  Now play Toss or Kick.

How to play Kick with your “Foot” Ball (one or more players);

1.  Take a small piece of paper and wad it into a ball.

2.  Make a goal and place it on a table.

3.  Now take the foot between your finger and thumb, pull back and kick the ball.

4.  Score a point for each goal you make.

Pebble Art (Art Activity)

What you need:


Heavy Paper




  1. 1. Take a nice walk with a grown-up to a place where

     you can find small pebbles.

2.  Collect several handfuls of pebbles and return home.

  1. 3. Draw a simple line picture on your paper.

  2. 4. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto a dish.

  3. 5. Dip one side of each pebble into the glue and cover the lines of your drawing.

  4. 6. Repeat with each pebble to finish your picture.

  5. 7. Let dry completely before picking it up.

A = apple

B = Bee

C = Cat

D = Daryl

E = Eye

F = Football

G = Grass

H = House

I + Ice Cream

J = Jump Rope

K = Kite

L = Lighting

M = Mud Castle

N = Nose

O = Octopus

P = Peace

Q = Queen

R = Rocket

S = Sun

T = Tree

U = Umbrella

V = Volcano

W = Window

X = X Marks the Spot 

Y = Yarn

Z = Zigzag