We are HeBo a.k.a. David and Patricia Hendy Bowling.

We are the creators of Dirty Dingy Daryl and the Muddy Buddy Pals.

Hi!  We are David Louis and Patricia Hendy Bowling a.k.a. HeBo.  This pen name comes from our combined last names, Hendy and Bowling.   We are the creative team behind Dirty Dingy Daryl and the Muddy Buddy Pals.  We write and tell stories, write and sing songs, draw and paint pictures, design, build, sew and make dolls and toys.  We like to make new friends and share a message of hope and good news.  These are the things that we believe:

  That Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He loves you and so do we.

  That being kind and loving one another is most important.

  1. That service to another person, your community and country is something you should gladly do.

  2. That you should love and care for your family--brother and sister, mother and child, grandparent and grandchild.

  That peace is something to desire and work for, starting in your own home.

  That play and using your imagination keeps you young and alive.

  That animals, all living things and the earth should be treated with respect.

   That playing outdoors is important and watching too much TV and playing too many video games can dim your imagination.

  That reading, writing and drawing are fun activities and young and old people should do more of all three.

  That treating our bodies with healthy foods and physical activity is vital.

  That forgiving one another is just as important as being forgiven.

  That Faith, Hope and Love are gifts freely given to those who pray to the Holy Spirit.

  That cleanliness, at least for Dirty Dingy Daryl, is next to impossible.

Peace, Love and Blessings  – Dave & Patty a.k.a. HeBo

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